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PostSubject: AAR-6-25-2012   Mon Jun 25, 2012 10:29 am

AAR- 6-25-2012


St. Pol



Did flying out of this area with RPW, and a few others into this mission with a BF109F-2. Got shot down and lost control once. The battle was fierce, flying through to the west, and coming into to range, two ships spotted off the coast of Dunkirk. Stayed at 1.5 KM out, to sight, and fly around to the rear of the ships to approach aft at 1.3 KM. I cut my power to economy setting, and throttled back to 80% power. At 900 meters I pushed my plane down to quietly drop down on then ship, placing my gun site just aft of the ship in the water and engaged. As soon as the British Navy jack was seen, I then slowly pull up firing my machine guns and then 1 second in with also my cannon shot raking the destroyer from aft to stern, disabling its AAA ability. I slowly pull up on the air plane as I do this in one gentle motion, and at midships, go to full power and climb off the ship. The second ship was to my left, and I pulled up with my air speed and to the right to town, though, proved fatal as the AAA on the other ship proved more accurate than anticipated and I had my elevator shot off. Made a crash landing and lived, to be strafed by a random hawk. My objective though was successful in disabling the battle ship, rendering 75% of its crew disabled on the first pass. This move I taught to another squad member, and he had success with this manuver as well.

RPW and I patrol the grids and again I get shot down, near Dunkirk. I try a belly landing, and flip over but live to only be strafed by yet a spitfire this time, and get a KIA. I had to log for a short time to come back later.

St. Omer
*Frevent-St. Pol FB-Allied
*Frevent-St. Pol FB-Axis
*Hesdin-St. Pol FB

St. Omer-

What a mess! I spawn in as the attack is in full swing. On my initial assesment, the majority of armor and infantry was coming from the south, and south west of town. Seems they enemy were using Frevent-St. Pol FB as the initial, and Hesdin-St. Pol FB as a secondary. I made a misson to be a leader to take down the Frevent-St. Pol FB. Making it to the south near 2km hike on foot to gain the element of surprise, I barely made it 300 meters out side of the town to the ridge in the south west when I encounter an enemy EFRU. I stay to see if its actively being spawned, and quickly had the question answered by a sudden rifle appearing. I let this one go, but got in a higher elevation to shoot down and into the spawn from the rear, from off the ridge that runs north and south up the hill. Another spawned, I shot, he was eliminated. I repeated this twice more, until I was shot by a misfire on my part, of aiming too high. I missed by merely inches, but gave the enemy the 4 seconds needed to aim and fire, and I was eliminated. I called out on TS, and one or two of our squad eliminated the EFRU efficiently. I respawned, and didn’t get even out of town, when I was shot dead by a SMG. Again, spawn in and try again, and this was met with success. I make the 2km trek to Frevent-St. Pol FB-Allied controlled.

Frevent-St. Pol FB-Allied

I call out on TS that an FRU will be set up, and very close to the Allied controlled FB. I get it built and call in the cavalry as allied tanks continue their trip up to town. The element of surprise was successful! I pulled all available hands on ground to come in, requesting all sappers, to flood their FB. I had an SMG, and insisted we crawl and take our time to the target. Our FRU was due west of the armor spawn, in a ridge line that gave great cover, going directly east up to a berm, then that berm almost giving a connected line to the infantry spawn as well. We made it to a large ridge that gave our concealment, and made a push forward to the infantry spawn, as the other squaddies flanked around in a wide curve to come around from the south and in. Once they were in position, I gave the order to flood it as I fired my SMG into the tents to surprise and pin down any element of resistance. They made quick work of this, and the vehicle spawn, and I would not be lieing in saying we did this all, once in motion, in less than 60 seconds. We effectively eliminated this point their abilities or spawns from this FB. Congrats still on this very quick manuver guys! I insisted we go to the new FB, and I created a mission for FB defence of the Frevent-St. Pol FB-Axis controlled and got in there, along with many others of the squad. I told them that if nothing happens in reprisal that we would pull out in 30 minutes or so.

Frevent-St. Pol FB- Axis

As we would soon find out, and quickly, allied armor would spawn out of Frevent its self, and we maneuvered our armor in position. When I first spawned in, I thought a Stuart tank was running north up the road, then turned to the north east to go into the woods. Perhaps this was a Vicky, but either way, it was a tank contact, and rapidly. No one could intercept it at its range, and was lost track of. However, larger targets were starting to spawn from Frevent, and we got more of our tanks and guns into position on the top of the ridge, overlooking the ridge down into the town. We had superior firing angle and advantage, and was determined to hold the ground. After a lot of intense fighting, I was requested to put an FRU down near the ridge line to keep up supply for the tanks, however, it got very sporting, and soon a grudge match to the fustration of the squaddies. There were Tigers and such being detracked and damaged quickly, and hard to keep up. As I was done with my FRU and sweeping west, I noted the two Stuarts/Shermans at the bottom of the hill nearest the town, one more that spawned and went directly west, and quickly, a Panhard made its way to the top of the ridge, not more than maybe 400 meters or less from me on the road. It proceeded to fire, and I threw a smoke gernade right at it, forcing it to move from its cover to be shot and disabled. Seems we were gaining the a better hand here at the FB, when suddenly, due to a lack of guarding, the FB was sapped and made Allied again.

Frevent-St. Pol FB-Allied…again

Well it takes no imagination as to what happened next, and again, I make the hike to the same spot as I put the FRU last time. I make it, and we spawn in. This would have to be in the time frame of 20min or so since losing the FB. The squad is rallied, and we go in. This proves to be harder this time, as there is gaurds and tanks. It all starts to look impossible as we drop like flies, but I keep encouraging, pushing them to keep going. Striker breaks through and gets our final charges deployed and we get it back. It turns out to be a damn successful push to take back the FB into our hands.

Frevent-St. Pol FB-Axis (again), Hesdin-St. Pol FB

As the rest of the squad goes to defend once again the Frevent-St. Pol FB, I try to go make a mission to take out the Hesdin-St. Pol FB. This proved to be a major waste of time, not due to any lack of trying. I first walk it in, and as soon as I get ready to set the FRU, I’m shot by a Panhard. Then two of them and a LMG. Ouch. I need to get this rocking and rolling, so I go out with a truck, to circle wide to the south, west, and come in behind it. I’m 1.5 km or more away, when three panhards open up on me and make quick work of me. The problem is they have the much higher ground all the way around the Hesdin-St. Pol FB, and it is much, much harder to get a truck anywhere near it since they were guarding heavily around it. I try once more to walk in an FRU, and its to no avail. More Panhards are spawned, making the Hesdin-St. Pol FB sealed tighter than a lid. I call it, as its impossible to get to this FB without being detected.
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PostSubject: Re: AAR-6-25-2012   Tue Jun 26, 2012 2:23 am

Yup, Hesdin, and a few other cities are real b'tards because of terrain.
Good news, you kept at least 6 allied players out of combat and the cost of 1 axis player.

When I played Allied in the dim distant past, I would spend pretty much all my time busting hot FBs. Not all, just a lot, because when you are allied HC they make you do things like that. Point is, it ties up a lot of enemy resources to guard one FB from one lone solider who loves to cause trouble. So, just remember when you are doing those missions that seem so painful and pointless, as long as they spawning to kill you, they aren't involved in the main conflict.
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