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 AAR 6-25-2012 Part 2

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PostSubject: AAR 6-25-2012 Part 2   Mon Jun 25, 2012 11:06 am

AAR 6-25-2012 Part II- Ramsgate


This was probably the more interesting of operations we’ve done while I’ve been around the FF. It was decided to slap down an AO on Ramsgate, and we were going to do a glider mission into the area via Oostende. We created a lot of mission leaders out of the Oostende west CP and spawned in. We loaded up and decided that the in-flight movie was the mans face across from us. Accompanying us was hanz88. The rest was FF, and Striker flew us in.

We soon discovered apon landing, that it seemed our mission was compromised, since we were welcomed into Ramsgate by Panhard fire. It was decided that RPW, BOB5 and I were to get FRU’s set up near the AFB, the rest were to set up near Ramsgate town its self. Our LZ was about 1 km due north of Ramsgate, in sparse bush and tree line cover. As soon as life fire was intercepted, I ran with RPW and BOB5 due west to a berm for cover. I slowly poked my head up to see where and how far the firing was coming from when I was killed. End of my misson lead. UNTIER had missed the plane, and came in with a plane to help strafe until an FRU was up for me and him to join back into the fight. I believe it was EGGERT that got the first FRU up due north of town. I spawned in as an engineer, and went chasing after the first initial Panhard that was laying suppressive fire down on EGGERT and company’s position. I ran up and was to put a charge on the back of the turret but he despawned quickly, before it could happen, and directly west behind him, at around 650 meters or so, was another Panhard. I think we all realized that there was no element of surprise in this attack, and it became a grudge match that really took pressure off other parts of the map at this point. My fustration level grew, as I tried to get closer to town, and met up with UNTIER due north-west of the town. EGGERT was not mission lead of the mission I was in, and as I set up in heavy cover near a ridge line on the west side of town, I found a great position to set up my FRU after asking whom was mission lead to set up an FRU. It seemed within a minute or perhaps a little more, my FRU was under fire and eliminated from existence by a tank and an LMG firing on it. I tried to just duck and cover behind the ridge and bushes, to no avail. I was machine gunned down like I wasn’t there at all. I spawned again quickly, into EGGERT’s FRU, and RPW called for my assistance, and I complied quickly, getting an RTB and spawning RPW’s mission near the AFB.

Spawning in, we were due north of the AFB, and RPW and I made our way into the AFB, trying to flank a machine gun tower. We made it around, and I made it all the way up to the red brick building near the bunker, in the northwest corner of the AFB. I was not a sapper, but just a simple rifleman. We were watching as enemy ran across the north west corner of the AFB to the bunker. I helped kill one, but an LMG took me down, and I respawned as an engineer. I made it back to the red building, flanking out the now taken down guard tower. I made it up and someone was trying to take out more AI but a tank was parked on the other side of the hanger, making the dash impossible to make. A few efforts were made to take out a MG sandbag pit but couldn’t get close enough to get a gernade in the right spot with the tank doing its guard. I poked around too far to see the tank and what way the barrel was pointed, and I caught the gift of bullets for this descion. Respawned again, made it up to the same point, but not a sapper. I thought I was one and got to the red brick building, noticing the 2 EFRU’s in the northwest corner of the AFB in the bush line, and tired to take one out but kept missing with my gernades. D’oh! I moved on, and not more than 30 meters away was another, and asked someone to take them out in my inept ability to take them down. I made it up to the guard tower that was facing the bunker, and didn’t know if I would be get gunned down trying to run into the bunker or not. Guess what happened?

I respawned in, and then the FRU went down. I was the last on the AFB. I made my way up to the edge, but was strafed by air plane and taken out. I made the descion to spawn up where the FRU moved to, and that was very, very close to the southwest side of Ramsgate town. I got in, ran, made it through most of the town, and got in a CP and started capping, and well, wouldn’t you know it, I shot the EI that came in but we shot at the same time and we both died. Just as I was spawning in again, the FRU was gone, and it was the last one for the most part. Our harassment of Ramsgate was successful, however, I need to improve at more of my moves in the future. The simple tossing of gernades being one of them. I tend to get too excited in battle and want to go running in to support my squad, not wanting them to get killed. In this excitement I I lose my direction and concealment, and compromise myself, and possibly other squad members. I will have to remember to keep cool, and do what I can with what resources I am allowed.
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PostSubject: Re: AAR 6-25-2012 Part 2   Tue Jun 26, 2012 2:19 am

Wow, awesome AAR.
Wish I was there.

I spent a lot of time practicing grenade tosses offline. Turns out, there is an aim point with grenades. I can now pretty reliably toss them in the upper story windows. HOWEVER!!! Despite tossing 1 'nade in each of the four upper windows, I have yet to kill ANYONE. Even after I do that and rum upstairs, I am always met with a hail of bullets. Sigh.

In good news, putting 4 charges on a CP always results in a 100% kill rate. As does the banzai charge with the smg (ssgdave for that one).
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AAR 6-25-2012 Part 2
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