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 AAR 7-13-2012

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PostSubject: AAR 7-13-2012   Sat Jul 14, 2012 7:13 pm

It’s a nervous day, in the mid summer. The boots shine in the sun, as the day wanes down. The smell of resin from the polish strong in the summer air. Looking down, lock and load the rifle with a secure pat to make sure the bolt has loaded its round. A final inspection, the parts are oiled, clean, ready for perfection. Looking up, ohan, the CO, directs orders to the troops. This para drop is going to go down in the books, today. Our camo nice and clean, orderly, our helmets fastened regulation style, parachutes packed. One takes only a moment, as the soldiers mind, of the fear of the jump. No, not the jump, not the landing, not even the town its self, but the enemy there in. What length will they go to shoot me and my fellow soldiers down? Quickly it is dismissed. We are Flying Fallschirmjager, we are always victorious in what we do. Looking over on the grass, near dry and cracked from the mid summer heat, Potatoimo looks back with that cocky grin. He knows this is a walk in a park. He laughs at a joke I tell him, giving a hard time. Damn good guy, I hope he doesn’t “catch one”. I look around more, watching Striker direct in last minute intelligence to our CO. Pocheese is seen cleaning his gun a bit more, making sure the action is smooth and mumbling something about the Allies. Genthc, Klank, Awesome1, and Trifftix are talking about something in the jump and how to best take our objective. Vanhefty pats me on the shoulder and asks me about some of the latest tactical ideas, and we toss ideas back and forth for a little bit. He smiles after a bit, and says “See you on the ground.” calmly as can be. My nervousness gets the better of me, and I check the operation of my rifle one more time, and a hand comes to rest on it for a moment, then pats it. RPW just shakes his head a bit. “Don’t worry, its fine. No need to check it again.” He nods and moves off. I look back up, feeling a bit sheepish at the recheck in front of my XO, and recycle in everything, adding the ejected unused round back in the rifle. I take a few breaths, feel the dryness of the day go in and out of me. I think about home, before the war, my girl back home. The fields, how the smell when they’re fresh plowed in the spring, and the planting. The long summer days, kicking back with rhine wine, and the supper table lit by the setting sun. Fresh bread, sauer kraut and chicken, with a side of brussel sprouts. My look must be a few kilometers away, and I’m playfuly bumped by Terrible Tim, or as I call him, Snake Shit. No one could fly lower unless he was hired to mow lawns. He gives an offertory smile, and goes joking along with the rest of the guys that surround us. Palapatine, ColonelReb, Hardlead, Eggert, Freakz, Cokeiscool, Maxus33, Azeris, Zane, the whole lot of the rest I can’t make out in the crowd, strap up their parachutes and get in the plane. My head focuses on our misson orders, our objective. I sit down in my seat, number 4. I reach in my pocket and pull out a spoon. People look at me and roll their eyes, as my single of can of beans comes out. Some practices, if I don’t do them, might get me killed…


Its nice to know that the accual para-drop went off without a hitch. We were set to rally at the city CP. From that intial “safe” buffer, grouping together as a mass, we stormed the AB cp with much intention in victory. Entering the gate and negotiating over the metal obstacles, we were then in the mode of secure and protect. Every place a sniper point advantage could be spotted, this was met by moving body and firearm out of the line of direct fire. Another concideration that had to be taken into thought was the possible gernade attack from the allies. These simple and effective methods of tossing and praying for shrapnel danger is too great. I secluded myself to a place where gernades could roll off a roof top and give me time to react OUT of the blast, by the means of left or right. As I settled in, I quickly took into inventory. Rifle, ammunition, smoke, gernade, and extra supply. Looking directly across from me, I noticed that oHan was completely exposed in his position relative to mine, and altered him to it. He took evasive action as then slowly, at first, one enemy came in, then many tried to enter as fast as they could, to try and over run our position. I get wounded as I pass off amunition, and things go dark for a while. I soon recover for a later para drop on Lommel


Any other destination of destitute would be nice. I was thinking that Antwerp would be a hell of a place to be, so maybe Lommel won’t be so bad. We jump quickly, and do get a bit scattered, I land on a 3 story building. Once I have the wind, I climb down, and join the squad and we swiftly cap Lommel. During this engaugement, I loudly encourage the men, and tell them of the bravery we FF realy are all about. Ridding high on the earlier success, I can only praise these guys on how well they pull it all off. Working swiftly and as one body, we overturn the town with much fierce vigor and determination. Once again, I’m wounded, and things go black. This time its very serious, and little will I know, what the next day brings.
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PostSubject: Re: AAR 7-13-2012   Sat Jul 14, 2012 7:50 pm

You woke up with your pants down and a fistfull of lira. Cool
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PostSubject: Re: AAR 7-13-2012   Sat Jul 14, 2012 9:26 pm

Someone, anyone, PLEASE take those motherfucking beans away from Judge.
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PostSubject: Re: AAR 7-13-2012   Sun Jul 15, 2012 1:44 pm

damn no kidding!
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PostSubject: Re: AAR 7-13-2012   Sun Jul 15, 2012 7:17 pm

blitzkrieg baby
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PostSubject: Re: AAR 7-13-2012   

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AAR 7-13-2012
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