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 Pour one for the dead squad (A CALL TO ARMS)

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PostSubject: Pour one for the dead squad (A CALL TO ARMS)   Fri Aug 11, 2017 4:33 am

Damn, never thought I would see the day when the squad actually died.

It's pretty heartbreaking, I really never thought to see the day that it happened. Y'all were such an important part of my young life growing up.

I still remember the day, two weeks before my 13th birthday, when I found this game and decided to try a free trial account. I logged in and was hit by that "join squad" message and clicked on the 85th Fallschirmjager Regiment. I was so confused ingame and started throwing smoke grenades at a friendly tank until zeppoli messaged me and asked what the fuck I was doing and when he realized I was a complete n00b he directed me to download teamspeak and I was so embarrassed of being a squeaker I lied and said I didn't have a mic.

A month later I made a new account and rejoined the FF, and zeppoli pushed me to actually subscribe to the game. So I did. I still remember how excited I was when I finally hit rank 5 and unlocked that MG34 and how you all cheered me on. I spent every damn minute playing this game and bullshitting on teamspeak with all the great comrades of old (zeppoli, eggert, ohanselo, freakz, judge, striker etc) and I remember how excited I was when I finally got promoted to recruiter. And then I took a break.

I came back and zeppoli was gone. I was heartbroken, he was such a mentor to me. I never saw him again. I grew up a lil, more people came and went. Ohan left for college, promised to return someday. I talked to him once more over the next couple years. Some people remained. Eggert took over as a leader, freakz still hopped on occasionally. Judge was there when he could be. I know there are others, and I apologize for forgetting you, but I've been drinking a bit lol.

I grew up a bit, and new people came in. Fighting alongside skunkmilk still remain as some of my fondest memories of this game. I considered him a close friend. I don't know whatever happened to him.
There were the bootler chronicles, and though I became close friends with him, skunkmilk and myself were forced to kick him from the squad because of his toxic behavior towards other members, Though I remain friends with him and still play games with him, I still agree with that decision.

Time passed, skunkmilk disappeared, I disappeared, judge disappeared. I left for a little trip to the Allied side and I never could find anyone to reinvite me when I returned. It seemed eggert was the only one left and the squad was done.

Many years have passed and I'm now a big boy of 19 years. I'm a United States Soldier and a member of the Military Police Corps.

And I refuse to believe the squad is dead. If anyone is still out there, now is the time to come back. I'm seeking anyone left to get me back into the squad, and you guys should too. I joined way back in 2011, and even I'm considered a latecomer considering how long the squad had been around before that. The game's release on steam is just around the corner and now is the chance to continue the legacy of the 85th Fallschirmjager Regiment "Flying Fallschirmjagers" and rebuild the squad to its old glory.

Please, any FF vets still out there, respond to this thread and let me know you're still alive and kickin'. Even if you don't want to return to the game, it would still be amazing to hear from you because some of you are my oldest friends.
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Pour one for the dead squad (A CALL TO ARMS)
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