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 People wishing to join the FF

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People wishing to join the FF Empty
PostSubject: People wishing to join the FF   People wishing to join the FF EmptySun Feb 16, 2014 1:28 pm

Hello, and thanks for taking time to read this.  

My name in game is Judge, and I'm writing this note for you, the curious, or simply passing though.  

The 85th Fallschirmjager Regiment is a select bunch of people that parachute (or just para, as we call it) into hot areas of combat in Battleground Europe, aka WWII Online.  We're experts and try to refine our tactics often to achieve our goals.  While our special feature is hitting the silk and infiltration, we also train in other roles, and squads as needed.  

If your interested in asking about the 85th FF, feel free to drop a line in this forum that you want more info, or qualifications.  Below are some simple questions for you, if you feel like joining up!



1.) What is your in game name?

2.) What time zone/or time of day you play often?  We base our time zones off of the server time, which is USA, Texas, Central Time Zone

3.) How long have you been in game?

4.) Have you been in any other squads and/or had any rank with them?

5.) Did anyone refer you to the FF?

Thank you!
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People wishing to join the FF
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