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 Airplanes-Judges picks what he'd like to see in game

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PostSubject: Airplanes-Judges picks what he'd like to see in game   Thu Apr 04, 2013 6:46 pm

Pics and comentary of why I'd like to see this in game. Lets start with Germany

The D0-17 medium-range bomber. Why? this was a sucessful bomber and night bomber during WW2, and was a little lesser to the HE 111, but complements the family of bombers in game quite well. The Stuka, a DO-17 and HE-111 fills out a good bombing range for people in game cause the player base could go from a Stuka, to DO-17 to an HE 111 easily. All three lack a serious heavy hitting ability, in the long run. Strength in numbers.


Sterling Bomber- Couldn't go far, couldn't go high, couldn't carry a lot of weight at all. Early war model with some dangerous flaws. It was concidered a heavy bomber.

Wellington Bomber- same issues as the Sterling, could climb a bit higher, and got a bit further. Another concidered heavy bomber. The Sterling and Wellington are interchangeable to me in a tier 0 to 1 supply. Named of course after the Duke of Wellington.

Halifax Bomber- heavy bomber that really turned the page on bombing. It was the same size as the Sterling and Wellington roughly. What it made it very unique, was how the the main body of the plane used weight dispersing beams where it met the wings. It took the weight of the plane and displaced it in an arch desighn, and took the stress of the wing weight and angle, and also dispersed it though the frame of the plane near the horizontal stabilizer. This made the plane powered by 4 American Allison engines easy to land and take off with low speeds needed.

Lancaster Bomber-Heavy bomber that was the much scaled up version of the Halifax, and more refinements in the load bearing fuselage shell that dispersed the weight. The Lancaster was, in all theaters of war, the largest bomber made, carrying the heaviest payload (more than even the B-17G Flying Fortress). Remarkably, to overcome the weight to power issues, a longer wing was made so 4 Allison engines could get it to target and back again. The Allison engines were the exact same they used in all Spitfires.

Fighter change up;

Known as in America: Chance-Vaught F4U-1A Corsair, and later Brewster Bomb Rack Version F3A-1D
Known as in British: The Corsair mk I and mk II and the later Brewster Bomb Rack Version mk III
WHY THIS PLANE!? I love this plane. Other than that, They can take as many bombs as stuka, but all of them can be 250 Kilo or larger. It had 50 cal machine guns, could be outfited with 30 cal, or both, and be historicaly accurate. The plane was truely the first American muliti-role plane. The British has this plane in numbers, but limited, and were heavy hitters, great in a dog fight, and all around great climb rate made them good as interceptors. They handle like a Stuka if the Stuka had Pratt & Whitney R2800-8 2000 hp engine.

American: Recomondations for American Air in game

The P-36 Apache was the offspring of the North American P-51, is accualy the same plane as the P-51 Mustang, only this was fitted for bomb dropping and ground support (like the Hurricane mk IIb).

The P-47 Thunderbolt

The P-63 Kingcobra

B-25 Mitchell medium range bomber

B-17 Fortress long range bomber

Thats my dollars worth!

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PostSubject: Re: Airplanes-Judges picks what he'd like to see in game   Thu Apr 04, 2013 8:38 pm

For Brits there were just shit load of Hudson bombers.
For Americans the Thunder bolt was present in very large numbers.
For Germans I agree with DO.
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PostSubject: Re: Airplanes-Judges picks what he'd like to see in game   Fri Apr 05, 2013 8:32 am

DO-17, Yes. Also the JU-88, FW-190A2 and D varients. Me-262/162 as well. As a "balance" for the allied heavy bombers, an adaptation of the FW-200 Condor would be acceptable. A-36 Apache would likely not be appreciated, a vulnerable water-cooled engine is the primary reason that it was swapped out with the T-Bolt in the ground support role and developed into the Mustang. King Cobras were very rare as well. Personally, I'd also like to see the Brits get the Gladiator and the Bolton-Paul Defiant, just for shits and giggles.
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PostSubject: Re: Airplanes-Judges picks what he'd like to see in game   Fri Apr 05, 2013 12:54 pm





ME-162 Kommet


As for the Gladiator, it was a good plane for fixing torpedo's onto, though the survival rate was quite low. It wasn't a real fun plane to fly nor fix (pile of crap in my book) but it was of the days when the American Texan and Buffalo planes were in service. To be very fair though, Adolf Galland flew one of these:

and also this

Arado AR 68
and also this

Heinkel He 51 LC

SO yes, its fair to have some of these biplanes flying in 1938, as the BF 109 was to be the top of the line fighter in 1938. However as I've said, the FW 190's were supposed to have retired the 109, but demand on a fighter that could be made faster, the 109 wins out.

Well, keep in mind when I picked out those american planes, here was my line of thinking, as a buisness, and what i didn't mention;
1.) I threw up the F4U cause it was around, and was very well known. They were about as common as the FW 190. maybe a little less. They are as I said, the equivlent to a high powered stuka.

2.) I listed these planes since the P-51 Mustang A thru D will be on the list, for sure. The Apache is like the Hurricane IIB. in a tier 0 to 2, Apache and Mustangs were the same vunerablity and same flight dynamics. just one was for dog fighting, and the other for ground.

3.) The Airacobra already exists in game, the Kingcobra is just a faster version of the same one thats already got mapped out. Don't have to spend much time making another plane from scratch. This plane could be phased out later for another model.

4.) The Thunderbolts were numerous as the P-51, but neither plane was available in great numbers until a year after we were commited (1942) and the Airacobra and Kingcobra's were already trying to fill those gaps until they were phased out, like the Apache.

5.) P-38 is already in game, so no mapping needs to be done, that's two planes now, that don't need much work or tweaking

6.) The biplanes would fit into the 1st tier of the game, but past that, they're useless. Don't get much use out of them and not many people would take them unless they're fitted with torpedo's and it just so happens MAYBE a navy battle would take place, then we'd see a lot of them.

7.) The FW 190D (Dora) was probably the best of the 190's run. I don't know WHY that its not in game.

8.) Me 262/162's should be in game, cause, well, here's what I was taught about war...

war isn't balence, its about about who has the edge over the enemy. If your equipment and training is better, then you have the advantage, and this forces the enemy to either do one of a few things...

1.) Surrender
2.) Die
3.) Train harder
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PostSubject: Re: Airplanes-Judges picks what he'd like to see in game   

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Airplanes-Judges picks what he'd like to see in game
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