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 Luck in the new Campain

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PostSubject: Luck in the new Campain   Luck in the new Campain EmptyThu Feb 07, 2013 1:39 am

i'm leaving a note here, seems to be the family business of running blood from the Blood Center (just like the Red Cross only not) to all over. Me and my dad have been running out two to three loads a day, and the past two days alone, I've gone from Marshfield WI to Milwaukee WI 3 times a day, for the past now 2 days. Thats 3.5 hours just one way...ugh.

Am I making money doing any of this? no. My gas is paid for, and its gone up from 3.22 a gallon here, to 3.57, and today, its 3.62.

Is the business making money? Yes. We made a 1800 profit last month. But, we weren't running as hard as we are this week alone

Do I miss WW2 Online? no. not really.

Do I miss you guys? Yea. A lot.

You know its a part of me when I'm rolling around possible offensive ideas in my head, new ideas, and crap. Think its time we all sat back, and worked as a crew. A good squad night would be all of us multi-crewing tanks, in formation, and practice this. We need to cordinate a better infantry support, tank, and light armored vehicle rear gaurd action. We should at least try and train in on these ideas as a group, even if were 'chutes. However, I'm not going to write any more tactics, until the lesson is taught/trained into the squad. I'm not going to waste my time on things that will not see any implementation in the field. Its a waste of energy on my part.

Its strict, but unless others are willing to go out looking through a lot of military documentation, and application, and break it down to squad level adaption...well...

enough of that crap.

The luck part is all thats really needed in this campain. What I would say is needed, is a bold, cunning plan. Something that no one Allied or Axis would see comming. A great plan requires time and train, train, train.

Anyhow, my taxes were done monday, i'm waiting on the state or fed return. We'll see when. In the mean time, i've been running my ass off.

I will be posting some research into the NCO channel, for verification and authenticity. I'll yak about it more when I file my report in the comming days. When I have more time off to state the case, and yadda yadda.

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PostSubject: Re: Luck in the new Campain   Luck in the new Campain EmptySun Feb 10, 2013 9:48 pm

Come on back in when you get the chance judge, been a real hash in here since the Antwerp fiasco. It looks like it'll be awhile before things get sorted out, maybe DOC's therapist will make a breakthrough with him, or one of his professors from his online business course will come box his ears to set him straight. We're still fighting in here, and there's plenty of time to get some training in. My wife found me an old book, "Tactics and Technique of Infantry" from Jan of 1950. It went to Korea with an Army Sgt by what's written inside the cover page. Old school stuff, like the point mans signal for "enemy in sight". I'd rather not make myself a target that way though.
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Luck in the new Campain
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