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 New "green tag" Koopman761, and assorted topic

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PostSubject: New "green tag" Koopman761, and assorted topic   Fri Dec 28, 2012 3:54 pm

the green tag "Koopman761", he's on our TS but has no mic, is my best friend, i've known for years...over a decade at this point, thats on a FTP account to try this all out. He's new, and will need some help doing and knowing things, but will be a great addition to the FF if he so wishes it. You all remember the begining...always wandering around and such, and a bit of a pain in the ass...

then the clouds parted,

the FF.

All i can say is help him out, cause well, i'm asking nicely?

anyhow, I suggested something at buckmawwjr the other night when i was on, and you know, it accualy worked with a degree of sucess. "Bounding" with an opel seemed to really, really throw the allies off. Bounding an opel, is moving from cover to cover, shutting off the engine, then coasting for a bit, then starting it again, then coasting, from cover, to cover, using hills, valleys, anything to your advantage to get the truck to coast from cover to cover. The princepal reason behind this is a few things. One, it makes the enemy think we're unorganized, fighting, or something in that order. Two, the constant on, and off of the engine makes the illusion of multiple EI stops (as in mulitiple deployment in one area, more possible FRU's, placed). Three, it draws them in close, real close as we found out by an LMG that did take us out, BUT, he was within 100 meters or less, before he opened fire cause he had NO idea what the hell we were doing. Its different tactic, in game, cause not every one has thier sounds and settings the same, so it could sound like mulitple trucks, given the direction and how heavy the cover is. Its a good magic trick, an old "slight of hand" that can distract the enemy. I'm wondering if this trick can be useful more often.

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New "green tag" Koopman761, and assorted topic
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