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 i hate winter

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PostSubject: i hate winter   Mon Dec 10, 2012 12:12 am

So I haven't been around much as I thought at all. Caught my boss lieing, rather largely.

'How can I send (me) home for more than 20 hours when I need to make money!?' A very exaspirated boss says. He's offended cause of the irony I pointed out to him. He wants someone who doesn't lie, yet, lies on his (my) log book, to brokers and anyone else to make an extra dollar.
'Lie on my log book and you want honesty. Lieing is lieing boss, and I'm lieing every day.'
'Youre blowing it all out of proportion!' He says with anger, loud anger that's forcefull.
'Its still lieing, no matter how you look at it.'
'Thats the problem with you younger generation. You don't understand what work is. (He growls loudly) you have to work hard, and keep the wheels moving always. (Emphis is stressed) always!'
'So lie, but not to you, as the situation calls for it. Lie to the broker if need be, but if I'm caught lieing, I will be fired. Don't bad mouth the broker cause ill be fired, and lie to my dad, cause he's my dad and not you or the broker. But don't lie to my dad cause you might get yelled at for lieing, but lie to keep your ass covered, so, it I get caught lieing, you can blame it all on me. Hey, that has to be the most idiotic thing I've ever heard. You're lieing to me, and to my family.'
*a loud click is heard, aw I hang up the phone and sigh* he tries calling back. 7 or 8 times an hour for a few hours. I turn my phone off and focus on Snoqualamie, Lookout and Homestake passes, mountain passes the could kill me if I'm not focused.

My mind difts off, and soon I'm thinking of the FF. I think of mistakes I've made in game, what I've done wrong and right. Being Eggerts wing man on a patrol. Flying escort or bombing with Terrible Tim, the para drops with people like Ohan, RPW, Striker, Rosco...the names of everyone in the FF. I try to remember the last ones I've talked to...Vanhefty, how I like when him and I get together and plan something, or if I'm flying or something, he's right there. The rest of the guys, Genthc, how I tr y to do or find a way to support him on actions in game. Cokeiscool, yea, sometimes we can bounce ideas off. Lonewolf, new guy, I like him too, has heart. Lots of it. Maybe that's what makes us the FF. Its not just the game, but we all have heart. Why it hurts or get pissed when we die or fail, yet cheer the loudest when we get it done right. Passion.

I sit back in my seat in my big truck, marooned in South Dakota, Sunday night. Interstate shut down. That's why I miss being home at times, online, with my friends I've never met, kicking the everlaeting shit out of the allies. I miss my friends.

Thinking of you all, FF;


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PostSubject: Re: i hate winter   Mon Dec 10, 2012 10:29 am

Not much else to do stuck out in the snow of winter hell land eh? Get on back in for a rowdy time when you can. We hare handing the allies their heads, rudely, by shoving them back up their asses. When I have the map even! It's delicious!
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PostSubject: Re: i hate winter   Mon Dec 10, 2012 1:28 pm

Wstriker has turned out to be a good map officer. So has Sauron.
We truly miss ya judge, and a few others as well. But school season is winter season. And we all live in Winter Hell land.
You are right about lying though . Lying is lying, you either do, or you don't. Do yourself a favour though, eh, keep good records, honest ones. That way when the fan hits the shit, you are not going to get covered in it.

Sending you warm thoughts, and safe grippy tie thoughts too.
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PostSubject: Re: i hate winter   Wed Dec 12, 2012 9:11 pm

Well Mister bossman, i guess if I have to lie for you I can now lie to you. I love it when people lose their cool like a 3 year old having a tantrum. Too many businessmen think that if they raise their voice they get their way.

In the real world of business I do my best not to lie to any customer, since it is an insult to their intelligence, since i know when my workers are lying to me, I can safely assume my customers/clients are as smart as me probably way samrter ( yes i know i mis-typed it).
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PostSubject: Re: i hate winter   

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i hate winter
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