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 AAR Ahnee FB, Aug 31

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PostSubject: AAR Ahnee FB, Aug 31   Sat Sep 01, 2012 12:18 pm

Well, looks like we up a pretty good defence last night.
I'd be interested if everyone who was there could put up their kill tally.
I killed 10 all told, but only 2 were Eng. I used pretty much only the 20mm Flak. Both Engineers were killed right near the tents.
I died only 2 times.

This was the most intense FB bust I've ever seen. Never seen the allies put together 3 fru teams for one FB bust before. We getting close the Northern FRU but then the southern FRU would move in, or the Western one.

Successes were:

responding quickly to threats by despawning to return directly the FB itself.
keeping an active FRU in the North near the FRU zone. (We probably should have set one up south and one west as well)
keeping defenders at the FB Tents.
actively hunting the eFRUs
building a responsive picket line between eFRU and FB forcing them to try to flank.


We need to remember that you cannot defend the FB from on top of the Vehicle tent. Great spot to act as bait or watcher for distant mistakes, but actually not the best defence spot. Close in defence needs at least 2 people for each tent, or people who every actively patrol very close to the tents by moving around them constantly. A Pz parked where it can see both tents works great if it is backed by one or two infantry or a 20mm flak on the other side. The Pz parks so it's bow gun covers the Veh, and it's turret covers the Inf. Commander out to act as spotter, ears, and bait. One guy cannot provide any cover an FB.

If we use stationary infantry for cover then we need them hidden where they can have a clear view of the tent they are covering. We need them to coordinate together to cover the whole arc. They should not look outward, they should only watch the tents.

We need a small team, 3 or 4, who respond to directional attacks by back hunting and forming a picket to find the eFRU. A mix of infantry and 232 and Flak is most effective. Keep it light and keep it fast.

Enemy Tactics:

Here's what they are supposed to do.

1) Stir the nest - use aircraft or tanks to get defenders out at the FB. (if it's undefended hot drop and blow)
2) setup a fru no closer than 1km from the FB.
3) send in infantry first to cause more trouble.
4) work the engs around to attack from opposite side or at least away from the obvious attack.

This is a patience game, but I've never seen it fail to take out an FB, usually within 1/2 hour.

Our defence of the FB for over 2 hours last night was epic. And the allies sticking to that FB blow despite the fact that we had no attack going into town was beyond belief. Whoever they were, they were more stubborn than me, well, at least as stubborn as me.

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AAR Ahnee FB, Aug 31
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