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 Leathality confirmed

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PostSubject: Leathality confirmed   Mon Aug 06, 2012 10:59 am

Well I got my lap top and I got TS3 installed. I talked to RPW briefly to confirm, though its quiet on my end so ill need to get my headset for it again. As for Battleground Europe, it had 775mg of updates to do. So now its done, but keep in mind I have no joystick when I have my lap top unless RPW is next to me. Oooo lala. I have a wireless mouse with down syndrome, and my fat wrists bump some of the buttons on the laptop suface and discharge my weapon very easily.

Interesting note #1 my joystick at home. I decided to prove that somehow maybe I'm at fault for so many of my difficulties. Hard as hell driving a 232, and flying, so I decided to investigate my joystick to make sure its in working order. Come to find out, its my joystick. I voltage testee, and come to find out the reason I can't seem to manuver is cause tbe power is not going to the servo's in the controller. In turn they don't react snap and crisp, but heavy and slow. Hence why turns I can't ever roll out of, nor loop around or hit my stall speeds sooner. I nerfed myself!! A lesson is always calibrate your equipment!

Intersting note 2

Can you believe my lap top accualy, wirelessly, runds WWII online better than my home pc most of the time? Sad.
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PostSubject: Re: Leathality confirmed   Wed Aug 08, 2012 12:29 am

No, I don't believe any of it!
Oh wait . . .
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Leathality confirmed
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