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 AAR: July 7th, GFJ! Screenies included!

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PostSubject: AAR: July 7th, GFJ! Screenies included!    Sun Jul 08, 2012 5:34 am

Well guys it is no doubt that FF is the best part of this game ! Great fucking job last night! I will make it brief because I know Judge is better at the explanations and I know he will be posting an AAR aswell. Besides the strong numbers and the great participation of the new guys, it was a hell of an effort tonight that led to an excellent carpet bombing raid, an excellent counter-attack in Defense of Vireaux, Taking of both Grandpre & Stenay ( i think it was stenay)


After a devastating loss at Haybay due to our concentration at Grandpre, the allies shifted their attention towards the depleted divisions in vireaux. I think this was easily the most successful part of the day. We assembled 12 members together and split into two squads. 1st Squad led by Vanhefty and Eggert || assisted by second squad Led by Rossco & ohanselo split up to take both the fb's at the same time. The FB's were extremely hot, and the odds were entirely against us. Even so we were successful in blowing up both FB's in what I think was the most coordinated attack FF has conducted since the days of Ramet ninja cap with paratroopers. 6 enemy divisons were cut off, and the Allies recalled the attack within 30 mins of not being able to recapture the FB's afro

Grandpre Assault & Geddine:

FF led the way with 16+ squad members setting up and rushing Grandpre quickly. Just about 3 mins after radios were hot, FF captured the spawn able and fought hard to take the town. Once all the depots were taken, we moved on to the AB. After about 40 mins. The town fell, with the majority of the guys being FF members! Great work!! As for Geddine, FF did an excellent job of paradropping and leading the assault in the AB which fell shortly after within 2 mins. Great job to the officers that led that offensive.

Geddine Flak Trap:

FF once again took the imitative after noticing that EA was extremely heavy in the Haybay area. I have to say the allies faught hard and if it were not because of us, we probably would have lost a lot of ground. We ended up with a final tally of 12 air kills and 5 plane losses, as coke was doing an excellent job of dragging those dirty bastages! cheers cheers

Bombing Raid

This night was a sight to see, not only did we do an excellent job of controlling the skies over Stenay, we had an excellent scorecard. TerribleTim led the stukas, He-111's and Wolvie the Fighters, one hell of a sight to see.


Yeah we did that too, but I am tired, another excellent coordinated attack that someone should AAR, but this was a few days ago.

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PostSubject: Re: AAR: July 7th, GFJ! Screenies included!    Sun Jul 08, 2012 9:35 am

Fuck! I am missing out on some great shit man! Awesome work there guys! That's the way to set the tone for other squads to follow. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: AAR: July 7th, GFJ! Screenies included!    Sun Jul 08, 2012 2:22 pm

hahaha i was there!!!! you were lucky ohan lol i didnt know which one you were. well we rolled up and seen the furball with all the 111's i said oh shit thats FF!!!!!! lol awesome screenies!!!
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PostSubject: Re: AAR: July 7th, GFJ! Screenies included!    

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AAR: July 7th, GFJ! Screenies included!
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