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 Just want to say.....

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PostSubject: Just want to say.....   Fri Jun 08, 2012 5:46 pm

That Im back in the squad.

I had a good in game rest from TS and did my own thing for a while.
Now its time for some team efforts again, see u on the battle field.

I thought that I should share a pic from the latest trip with our Motor Torpedo Boat.
Short facts;
Lenth 24m/79 ft
Power 3* 1650 hp
3* 57l diesels W18
Top speed 50 knots
Shame on those who dont recognize the cannon.....
The square box on the RH side of the gun is a mechanical "computer" where one would enter ammo temp and ambient air pressure to compensate the trajectory of the grenade.

In the 50s-60s these boats were the equivalent of an ATG for a big war ship aproaching Sweden (and Nato) from the east.
Sneaking in and fire 2x 53 cm torpedos, AND GETTING THE ..ELL out of there @ 50knts.

Here is a vid of the boat; (use your head set Twisted Evil )

Check this vid at 1min 38 sec in to the film, that how a 40mm Bofo is operating...... (not our boat, original fotage)

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Just want to say.....
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