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 Action at Sedan - 13 April 2012

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PostSubject: Action at Sedan - 13 April 2012   Sat Apr 14, 2012 7:45 pm

I logged in around 9pm EDT or so. Striker seemed to be in charge, and he indicated that an attack on Sedan was pending, due to the fact that the French only had a marine division HQ defending, versus one or two of our army brigades. Mouzon, which was undefended, was in the process of falling to our forces, and other teams were working on the FB. In the interim before the attack on Sedan began, I helped cleaned up the moles in Maastrict. Once that was taken care of, I spawned a Tiger at the Carignan-Sedan FB, and rpw1 followed me with a StuG.

We drove down the road to Sedan without incident, and stopped when we reached the hillside overlooking the town. I originally planned to stay out in the open where sappers would have a harder time sneaking up on me, but scrapped that plan after a Hurricane narrowly missed me with one of his bombs. I took over in some trees to the north, and rpw1 proceeded south.

I moved up to a line of trees overlooking the east army base at a range of about 600m. Several enemy infantry and anti-tank were moving around within the base, so I commenced bombarding them with 88mm HE rounds and machine gun fire. Shortly thereafter, an enemy bomber got lucky and took out my commander and one of my treads, rendering my tank immobile.

I continued blasting away at the infantry and guns that were desperately trying to escape from the army base. One gun managed to get out and set up directly in front of me, where a tree was blocking my ability to return fire. Its rounds harmlessly bounced off my frontal armor. More guns set up on the far side of the river, but were likewise unable to harm my tank.

A parade of Panhards came across the bridge over to course of several minutes. I managed to blast the wheels off one of them, but a few of them managed to slip through, only to be blow apart by the other friendly tanks in the area.

Fairmiles began working their way north from the docks. I managed to set three of them on fire. One continued to fire on me with its bow gun even after it was set ablaze, but the gunner was no match for the rain of 88mm rounds that answered him.

The pressure became more intense, as the French marines and air force desperately tried to rid themselves of my Tiger. Bombs started landing around me an average of once every 30 seconds. No fewer than five anti-tank guns were pummeling me to no avail. I spotted an R35 moving along the train tracks on the far side of the river. A few AP rounds in the side of him quickly put him out of commission.

Finally, my 40-minute murderous rampage was ended by a well-placed satchel charge.


2x 3" M5 ATG KIA
1x MLE 1934 ATG KIA
1x 57mm M1 ATG KIA
3x Fairmile KIA
1x R35 KIA
1x Panhard KIA
1x Engineer KIA
1x Mortar KIA

I immediately respawned with an SMG at an FRU about 200m northeast of town. We had control of the city flag by this point, and I managed to make it to the first cluster of buildings without incident. Lovewing spawned a grenadier shortly afterwards, so I waited for him to catch up. I quickly devised a plan and explained it to Lovewing.

We moved up through the buildings east of the city flag, clearing out at least one enemy soldier in the process. The Carignan Depot was in the process of being captured by this point, so we moved to interdict enemy infantry attempting to reinforce from the neighboring depot. We both scored several kills in the ensuing firefight.

The Carignan Depot fell easily, as did the neighboring depot. By this point, an assault had begun against the docks on the far side of the river, and I noticed that a team of infantry was gathering near the east army base. We redeployed to join them.

Most of the infantry near the east army base had walked into an ambush by the time we reached them. I used the bushes south of the base to slip past the south gate. I then noticed that the AI tower was turning its gun toward me. I dove for cover against the army base wall and instructed Lovewing to take out the tower with his rifle grenades, which he did. As he was doing this, I spotted an enemy rifleman hiding in the bushes about 15m in front of him, facing toward Lovewing. He took a shot but missed, and I filled him full of 9mm.

We circled around to the east side of the army base and entered through a breach in the wall. We cleared out the vehicle spawn building and began moving toward the bunker at the southwest corner. As I was throwing a smoke grenade to screen our approach, an anti-aircraft spawned directly behind Lovewing, who was immediately killed. I took out the gun and rushed toward the bunker.

Several friendlies reached the bunker at the same time as me. It turned out that there was a lone defender remaining in the bunker. I managed to kill him, but was slightly wounded in the process. Rpw1 joined me in the bunker. The docks and the army base were captured at roughly the same time.

I despawned at the Carignan Depot to tend to my wound.


2x Riflemen KIA
1x Bazooka KIA

I immediately respawned at the Carignan Depot and noticed that there were friendly casualties marked near the flag building. I went over there to investigate. As I approached the door, out of the corner of my eye I spotted an enemy rifleman lying prone to the north with his eyes on my position. I dove for cover and avoided his fire. I circled around to his right flank and killed him before he even realized what was happening.

Rpw1 and I then crossed the bridge to the west side of town in order to help capture the remaining depots. Resistance was minimal by this point, since the enemy brigade had been kicked out when we captured the docks.


1x Rifleman KIA

As the battle ended, I decided to call it a night. :-)

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Action at Sedan - 13 April 2012
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